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AfriCat America represents the AfriCat Foundation in the United States of America. The AfriCat Foundation is an NGO working in Namibia for wildlife conservation, in particular conservation management in enclosed protected areas.

AfriCat Namibia

The AfriCat Foundation is based in the Okonjima Nature Reserve, a 220 square kilometre private reserve dedicated to the protection and conservation of Namibia’s wildlife.

Founded in 1991, the AfriCat Foundation was established to contribute to the long-term conservation of Namibia’s wildlife through research and education.

Recognising that a key to wildlife conservation is the creation of protected areas for wildlife and that tourism provides a compelling incentive for governments and communities to institute environmental and conservation measures, AfriCat is focusing its current research and environmental education activities on Namibia’s endangered wildlife and developing strategies for the effective management and sustainability of enclosed protected areas, including in relation to climate change resilience and adaptation.

These strategies are applied in the management of the Okonjima Nature Reserve, for the benefit of the wildlife that live there, but are also applicable to other enclosed protected areas where natural migration is constrained, either by fences or human habitation.

How to Contact Us

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Lindsay Kennon
Email: or

Meet Lindsay – AfriCat Namibia’s representative in the US

Lindsay Kennon comes to us all the way from the great state of Texas in the United Sates. Being the daughter of a veterinarian, her exposure to the animal kingdom was plentiful, starting from childhood. This led to her career in the veterinary industry as a licensed veterinary technician for the past 13 years.

During her first trip to Africa in 2016 Lindsay was introduced to the positive benefits that ecotourism can bring to the world. Upon returning home she enrolled in her local community college and expanded her knowledge on the subject. This was followed by 3 trips to South America to volunteer for an ecotourism organization in Peru and Chile and finally full time employment in the industry. She has had the wonderful opportunity to spend two summers in the Pantanal region of Brazil living on a floating hotel; giving informational lectures and helping guests with their identification of the individual jaguars seen during their outings.

Lindsay came to be involved with the AfriCat Foundation through connections made during her time in the Pantanal and has officially been part of the AfriCat team as Secretary of AfriCat America since May 2022. She represents the organization in the US with a focus on customer relations, marketing and fundraising for AfriCat on that side of the world. AfriCat has also taken advantage of her veterinary nursing skills during veterinary procedures, processing and management of our biological samples and sourcing research equipment during her visits to Namibia.

She believes that ecotourism implemented correctly is an effective conservation strategy and has seen how Okonjima has been able to use tourism revenue to create and maintain the Okonjima Nature Reserve and support the work of the AfriCat Foundation. She is excited to support the AfriCat Foundation by being its representative in America. “See the world, to save the world!” is one of her favorite sayings.

How To Support AfriCat America

Donations to AfriCat Namibia can be made via AfriCat America. For more information on the work of AfriCat Namibia and how donations are used, please see their website.
All donations with a contact email will be acknowledged and we will issue a receipt from AfriCat America for tax deduction purposes.

Donations to The Namibian Lion Trust – the sister organisation of AfriCat Namibia – can also be made via AfriCat America. For more information on the work of The Namibian Lion Trust and how donations are used, please visit their website. Please email to advise of donations made to AfriCat America for The Namibian Lion Trust to ensure that we disperse donations correctly. All donations with a contact email will be acknowledged and we will issue a receipt from AfriCat America for tax deduction purposes.

AfriCat America Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organisation and is classified as a public charity under U.S. Federal law.
AfriCat America Inc Public Charity EIN: 20-3174862
Donations to AfriCat America Inc. are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.
AfriCat America Inc. is also qualified to receive tax deductible bequests, transfers and gifts under U.S. Federal law.

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